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The Business Model

The Hope is a social enterprise dedicated to identifying needs in different communities across the globe, providing solutions and creating a better future for everyone. To achieve our objectives, we execute commercial strategies that offer social benefits. In short, we implement business models aimed at changing the world for a better tomorrow, for everyone.


​As an entity focused on benefitting society, our modus operandi is; Voluntourism: the mix of volunteering with tourism.  We took this approach to entice volunteers and make the overall experience of volunteering enjoyable and memorable at the same time.


Our evolution as human beings and society could not have been possible without progress in education, aptitude to achieve greatness and to think out of the box. Therefore, we made a conscious effort to evolve the art of volunteering, making it more exciting. Hence, the approach of voluntourism. 


As an Emirati social enterprise, we operate as a traditional travel agency, but one that engages people to travel and volunteer abroad. Revenues generated through registrations, make way into projects that we have undertaken, tackle social problems and giving back to the communities that deserve it the most.